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Navigation of Lakes Maggiore, Garda and Como: the new app is DreamLake

DreamLake is the name of the new app of Navigazione Laghi dedicated to modern travellers who want an experience, not just a destination. 

DreamLake has everything you need: interactive maps with points of interest, recommended routes, augmented reality, ferry timetables and online purchases.

This is the perfect tool for the 2.0 traveller, looking for inspiration and a true showcase of lakes Maggiore, Garda and Como. With DreamLake, everything becomes an event, from photo galleries to videos and text contents suggesting ever new ways to experience places and locations.

DreamLake is a novelty for travellers and an opportunity for lake areas rich with art, history, entertainment, food and wine to offer ever better tourism experiences, both nationally and internationally.

With DreamLake, you can also go on the main social networks and make informed decisions and share them with other travellers through your own channels.




6 Good Reasons to download  DreamLake

DreamLake is just the app you were looking for; innovative and cutting edge, it makes everything easier with a click. Our comprehensive platform is loaded with tons of features created specifically for you to make the most of your lake experience. An app with unlimited access, a must-download. Read on and find out what it can do for you.

Point of Interest 

Provide tourists with useful information through text contents, links, galleries and videos for exploring attractions, villas, gardens and museums in the many available lake locations.

Augmented Reality

Displays information on your smartphone screen on the points of interest of the surrounding areas and locations while cruising the lake.  

Cartin Maggiore_.png
Interactive Maps 

Highlight geolocalised points of interest and guide travellers between the shores of the upper and lower lake.

Timetables and tickets

Can be consulted and purchased directly from the app, currently only some types (single return trip).


Describe always new and different itineraries from the traveller’s point of view.


To improve the app and services offered

So now you can go ahead and download for free the new app of Navigazione Laghi and start "dreaming of the lake".


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